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PointRender v1.2  


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29/01/2020 11:18 pm  

The Nuke Point Render have been updated to Release_v1.2.

This is a smaller update with fixes for some bugs introduced in the 1.1 update, along with some new features enhancements.


Check out the 1.2 update introduction video here: 


Feature Enhancements:

*Point_Render - I have adapted the amazing DummyCam (by Adrian Pueyo and Ernest Dio), which means that the PointRender node now automatically receives the field of view and horizontal aperture from the camera. This also means that this control is no longer available in the render itself and must be changed in the camera.

*Point_Render - You no longer need 2 point render nodes to output z-depth. This is now included directly in the main tool.

*Point_FractalEvolve - now allow you to use an external map to offset the evolution of the simulation.

*Point_FractalEvolve - now let you set a force direction, for some extra control.

*Point_Particles - You can now animate the source center of the PointParticle node

*Point_Particles - You can have the particles from the PointParticle node transfer velocity from the animated source center

*Point_Particles - You can make the amplitude of the fractal be depending on the velocity of the points. 


Bug Fixes:

*Point_Render - Going into proxy mode no longer causes the point render to crop the image.

*Point_Render - Using a non-square pixel aspect ratio like anamorphic will now render out with parity to the ScanlineRender

*Point_Render - Z-depth now works correctly with wire-rendering mode and motion blur.

*Point_Expression - is no longer replaced by FractalEvolved

*Point_Fractal - Fixed some typos in the node

*Point_Polygon - Fixed an issue that would cause the Point Polygon to throw an error when using it in Nuke 10 or below on Linux


Tutorials Coming Soon

Stay tuned for some in-depth video tutorials coming really soon!