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PointRender v1.1  


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06/01/2020 7:58 pm  

The Nuke Point Render have been updated to Release_v1.1 and will now be available when you re-download the tool.

Here is a brief overview of just a few of the new features in the update. You can also check out the 1.1 update introduction video right now over at:

and expect a more in-depth video covering all of the new tools and features very soon.

New Tools:

*Point_UnitCube - A node that let generate a cube with points randomly scattered across the surface

*Point_Polygon - A node that let you generate simple shapes (think triangle, square, hexagon etc.)

*Point_GeoSourceUV - Like the Point_GeoSource node, this will let you convert geo to points, however this node is using UV's rather than the nuke particle system for the conversion. This can in many cases be the best solution for the conversion.

*Point_Particles (beta) - This is a small particle system that will let you spawn points from a desired location and using forces let the points dynamically  move around.

*Point_Merge - This node let you merge two point streams into one. 

*Point_Dublicator - Let you create instances of a point stream (think multiple copies).

*Point_FractalTexture - This node will generate a Fractal Noise texture across the surface of the input points based on the world space position.


Highlighted New Features:

The PointRender node now let you input nuke's scanline render Z-depth directly for use for occlusion. You can find the new dropdown that let you pick between real depth and scanline render depth in the main page of the point render node.

The PointRender node will also let you render out overscan now. So if you need some extra room around your renders you can easily dial it up without having to re-frame.

The Point_Fractal_Evolve node have received a major overhaul, making it much easier to work with.

The Point_Fractal_Evolve now also have a floor option, letting your points collide with a ground. This also works with the new spherical gravity option that will let the points attract towards a point in space rather than just a single direction.

The Point_Fractal node now let you input your own custom ramp map as a custom evolution direction. This can for example be used to create radial fractal patterns.


Highlighted Bug Fixes

The Point_Sphere now correctly applies scale before transformation.

The Point_UnitSphere will now no longer change seed on different machines, causing the points to jump around.

All of the generator nodes now have standard nuke Transform controls making it easier to get started.

All of the nodes have been updated with tooltips and re-arranged controls for easier usage.

The "Depth Buffer" option in the facet rendering mode now works for regular point rendering as well, letting you output the depth to the alpha channal of the output. If you shuffle this depth otuput into a normal point render, this will let you use your own Z-defocus/Bokeh node for DOF effects.


New Example Scenes:

I highly recommend that you check out the new example scenes found in the "../ExampleScenes/Update 1.1/" folder, that highlight and show off some of the new features.


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