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[Solved] Known Bugs.  


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20/03/2019 10:16 pm  


Systems that support individual lower and uppercase folders can run into an issue with the plugin not registering the nodes correctly.

Workaround: in the "~/.nuke/higx/PointRender/" change the "tools" folder names to a capital "Tools"

Schedueled Fix: Version 1.1


Point Sphere:

The Point_Sphere node does not have the name "Point_Sphere" when created.

Schedueled Fix: Version 1.1


Point Unit Sphere:

Scale is being applied after transformation, and as such the internal coordinates does not match the Nuke 3D space coordinates.

Schedueled Fix: Version 1.1



There have been reported a situation where some of the nodes turned red with a error due to bad invalid connections "Nothing is named xxx"

While i am not sure exactly what is causing Nuke to throw a error due to a broken connection. But they will be removed in next release.

Schedueled Fix: Version 1.1